you sell 

We build Shopify apps to boost your sales!

With the clear slogan above, we build smart featured apps on Shopify eCommerce platform intended to help Shopify online merchants work more efficiently and professionally. Our apps offer sound and ultimate solutions to pain points when running your online stores, especially in boosting sales. You can 100% turn to our friendly and extensive expert team when you have needs to experience selling differences and grow your business on Shopify.

We may be new to Shopify app store, we may provide basic featured apps but we keep working hard to give you a product of good quality and satisfying support.

In September 2018, we are proud to launch our firstborn app: Smart Offers – An app that creates offers to cheer up your customers in a simple way. If you want to incentivize your customers to buy more and spend more, then Smart Offers is the ideal app!

It’s just the beginning! In the future, we will upgrade Smart Offers with way more valuable and powerful features. Also, we will build more smart apps to serve the needs of our customers and we hope you love them.